Battle Company Laser Tag

Just Laser Tag or Something More?

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2016 was another great year for Laser Tag Pro filled with progress and exciting new developments. We have officially moved into our newly renovated office building and we’re geared up and ready to tackle new projects in 2017.

Laser Tag Pro in Review

Some of you will remember four years ago when we introduced the Battle Rifle Pro. So much has happened since those early days. Exciting improvements have come to the Battle Rifle Pro and we saw the emergence of its bigger brother the Battle Rifle XL. As an accessory, the Utility Box has become incredibly versatile and our Wireless Headset made it possible to create even more unique game-play experiences for your customers. The BRX made its debut at CES 2016 and more recently, the BRM (metal-hybrid unit) and our new IR Grenade were at this year’s IAAPA tradeshow. Our hardware continues to prove its worth. In 2016 Laser Tag Pro equipment powered the highest throughput laser tag attraction in the world!

Laser Tag Pro Software Changes the Game

On the software side, EDGE has become the industry’s most robust game engine. Our handy tablet application, EDGE Terminal, lets you control gameplay on the go and empowers your staff to more efficiently manage your battlefield. The launch of the laser tag industry’s first mobile application, CallSign, along with our Enemy App were unprecedented and are now introducing smartphones into the game-play experience.

Laser Tag Pro Prototypes
You’ve seen our prototypes such as the Bow, Sword, and Ax which will become active parts of our system in the future. So much of what we are doing has never been seen in 30 years of laser tag which brings about a question; is Laser Tag Pro just another “laser tag company”?

Laser Tag Pro: Who Are We?
Over the last year our team has had a lot of internal discussion about our identity, our vision, and what we want to be moving forward. While – Laser Tag Pro – describes us as “experts in laser tag technology,” we feel this name does not capture the essence of what we are creating for the future of live gaming. Have you ever had to explain how your equipment is different from laser tag of the past? We all know it comes from people’s experiences with older technologies. Have you ever heard this kind of feedback before?

Same Old Laser Tag? Or Something More?

The reputation created by traditional phasers or basic mil-sim metal guns have hindered the public’s understanding of what a truly amazing live gaming experience can be. Would you buy a corded telephone today? How about a Walkman? Of course not because these have been replaced by smarter, more sophisticated technologies. To redefine the public’s perception of laser tag, we must become something more. While “Laser tag” is an aspect of what we do, our company is pursuing a greater vision for the future of gaming. Because of this, we are excited to unveil a new brand which we believe will usher in a new genre of live action entertainment for the masses and we’re calling it Battle Company!

Battle Company Laser Tag

Battle Company – Disrupting the Persona of Laser Tag

The power of our new brand will disrupt the public persona of laser tag by blending the best of video games with live-action sports. With the growth of our team and the resources of our new 13-acre property, you can expect more from our company. Whether a mobile entertainment trailer or a theme park attraction, Battle Company will offer new design services to build your attraction from the ground up. Expect some changes over the coming weeks as we roll out our new brand across our channels.

The next update from us will be about a major software release (EDGE 2.5). Let’s make 2017 the best year yet for live action gaming!

The Hottest Entertainment Trends Today: Laser Tag&Gambling

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The 21st century has brought to us a great variety of entertainment means that we are all very grateful for. Thanks to the advent of the new digital technologies, we have managed to reshape the economics, production, and marketing of the entertainment industry as a whole. We are looking at a brand new face of the world of entertainment as we know it when it comes to on-demand interactive entertainment content – that is becoming more personalized for our preferences as we speak.

The upcoming years will also bring about a more advanced virtual reality that will be mixed with holographic entertainment. Multimedia communication devices will become faster and smarter by the day, and they will significantly improve the way entertainment is being produced and distributed.

If you wish to learn more about the way the world of laser tags and gambling will change as a result of this technological revolution we are witnessing, keep reading.

Laser Tag Games & Gambling: A Bright Future Ahead

Online gaming is, on short, the wagering of money or something of value on the outcome of a game or a different type of an event using the world wide web. Online gaming includes a few categories of activities, including bingo and lotteries, sports betting, and casino gambling – one of the most popular forms of gaming online. People enjoy playing traditional games of poker, roulette, blackjack, or slots so much and to such a degree that they have contributed to a forecasted market volume for online gaming close to 52 billion U.S. dollars for 2018. Despite this fast-paced growth of the online gambling industry, it is yet to surpass the revenue recorded by land-based australia casino roulette gambling.

According to a Nielsen Scarborough survey completed in 2016, more than 83 million Americans stated that they had visited a casino in the past 12 months. Needless to say visiting land casinos and gambling rooms is the most common type of activity tied to the world of gambling. But the high reach of mobile platforms and the way they enable gambling to be done on the go is definitely changing the face of gambling.

Try out the australian casino roulette alternative to the land roulette games you are used to and find out just why so many people prefer to gamble from home nowadays. Not only will you save serious money on logistics such as transportation and accommodation in the city you are planning on going to quench your thirst for gambling, but you will enjoy some other obvious benefits. We will mention the welcome bonus that the best casinos online welcome their new players with, matching their first deposits and even doubling or tripling them at times, or the comp point systems that enable you to turn accumulate casino points into cash whenever you wager on a game. Not only will you enjoy more financial benefits should you play casino online, but you will always find your favorite games available 24/7. You will no longer have to wait in line for a free seat at the roulette table in a brick-and-mortar casino – and you can play straight off your tablet, while enjoying a relaxing bath, or when you are feeling bored or eager to do something fun.

Tactical laser tag is also following an ascending trend. Thanks to the more recent mobile apps that have been developed during recent years, players can now use an app that is fully integrated into the game-play experience. This means they can use their phones to view their medals, check stats, and even level up to unlock new weapons and rewards. So the future could not be looking any brighter for these particular means of entertainment at the moment.

New Laser Tag Software, App, and Location?

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New software, app, and headquarters? That is right folks…today’s updates will feature a little of each. Let’s roll!

New Laser Tag Pro Enemy Software

The first premium add-on for EDGE has arrived and it’s via the new “Enemies” tab. The Enemies tab creates a brand new way for you to make money with your Laser Tag Pro equipment. With the Enemies software, you can program headsets to attack, take damage, and contribute to scoring, all while unpaired from the guns. Actors can wear a headset to become a living, moving target that players can shoot to score points. Want to make an enemy type who explodes on death? You can do it. How about a powerful boss with tons of HP worth 100 points? The Enemies menu makes it possible for you to instantly turn your equipment from a classic player-vs-player game to a player-vs-enemies game at the click of a button!

New App for Laser Tag – The Enemy App

For those that want more real-time control over their actors, the Enemy App is the answer. The Enemy App was first showcased last March and is another way to incorporate actors into live gameplay. By pairing one of our wireless headsets to a phone via Bluetooth you can program the actor to attack at predefined time intervals or upon upon taking damage. You can even program the app to attack when the enemy actor makes a gesture (our favorite)! Strap the phone to an actor using a forearm band. Now they can send off an attack with the swing of an arm. The app senses the motion using the phone’s accelerometer and tells the headset to send the attack! This is great if you want your customers to take hits in sequence with your actors’ motions.

You can also set the point value for each specific enemy which means you can hand out more points for boss kills. The Enemy app also communicates directly with EDGE over Wi-Fi which gives you the option to enable rankings and rewards, even when playing scenario-based games. Beyond the enemy features, we’ve added the ability to create a new hostage player type. When playing a hostage game, make sure you take your time when clearing a room! A hostage player can be killed by friendly fire which will end the game. The enemy app is available now for Android devices. Just search “Laser Tag Pro” in the Google Play Store and click on “Enemy App” to get the program.

(Note: Using the Enemies module in EDGE or the Enemy app requires an upgrade to your EDGE subscription. Check out to start a subscription or email us at if you are a current EDGE subscriber for upgrade options.)

EDGE 2.4 Released with CallSign Updates

Along with the premium Enemies features in EDGE 2.4, the release has general improvements and new functionality for which you’ll want to take note. CallSign has also been updated and a new version will accompany the release of EDGE 2.4.

EDGE 2.4 Changes

  1. A play button for sampling ready and in-game music in the sounds tab.
  2. The ability to independently control headset and gun damage in the gun creation menu.
  3. A description box added to custom rewards in the ranking settings.
  4. Select All/Deselect All for sounds in sound tab.
  5. Fixes to the timing rules for accessories.
  6. Changed how accessories are added to a game.
  7. Additional weapon reload times.
  8. Fixes to the scrollbars on the sounds and accessories pages.

CallSign Changes

  1. Unlocks now save to server instead of only storing locally.
  2. Battlefield search only presents those that are close to your location.
  3. Animations have been added to level unlocks when player logs in after game or session.

New Laser Tag Pro Location

The last bit of news to share with you…we are moving! Laser Tag Pro has purchased a 13 acre property in the heart of Oak Creek, Wisconsin which will become our new homebase. The large property is furnished with 3 buildings that will provide the space needed to expand our manufacturing and entertainment operations. Our team will have both indoor and outdoor battlefields for testing which is critical to our continual R&D. Oak Creek is one of the fastest growing cities in the entire state of Wisconsin and we are excited to bring a one of kind attraction to the area. With keys in hand we will start the move in process next week. You can be excited for this property as it means better testing labs, space for new team members, improvements to our manufacturing processes, and a larger headquarters that will help us showcase the product and grow the Laser Tag Pro customer base.

At Laser Tag Pro, we’ve dedicated ourselves to developing innovative features that will help you create exclusive attractions for your business. With the world’s most advanced laser tag system, you can offer the most unique experiences that are way ahead of the competition. Stay tuned over the coming months, we will be unveiling several new and exciting projects that have been in the works. Stop by our booth (#2860) at IAAPA in Orlando this November if you want to see them in action. Laser Tag Pro, OVER AND OUT!

The Limitations of Marketing Automation Tools

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As a laser tag seller, there are many tools you can use to help expose your company to more potential customers. You need to be able to provide your services to those who want them most.

Better Laser Tag Sales

Laser tag sales can improve

You need to sell your laser tag components to the businesses that need them. There are some tools you might consider using and others you should avoid. It has been acknowledged that some marketing automation tools that are perceived as being "too pushy" can actually prevent the intended goals of these tools. Ultimately, if you are using marketing software as a laser tag seller that sends email to past customers daily, they may be overwhelmed by your communications, and wish to do business elsewhere. Furthermore, marketing automation emails are only effective if actually opened. If you send too many emails, they will lose their value and may quickly end up on your past customer's junk mail list.

Pokies Etiquette

Knowing how to avoid being pushy with your clients is just as important as knowing how to behave in other social settings. One such setting is with pokies. Many slot players will put money into two or more machines in a row at the same time but if your casino is crowded other people might have a challenge finding somewhere to play. This is the case you should confine yourself to putting money in a single machine. This is a matter of practicality. Even in a light crowd it is best for you not to play more machines than you can physically watch over. If you play too many machines you find yourself faced with the issue of putting coins in the six different machines anytime, one of them paying out the jackpot and then a passerby scooping up part of your winnings before you have a chance to make it back to the winning machine. If you are considering a machine, take a look around. Sometimes players will take a break for the restroom and they tip the chair against the machine leaving the code on it or sometimes they will be back. Make sure you look out for the signs and avoid a nasty confrontation by not playing a machine that is already been staked out.


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Laser Tag Mobile App Integration Changing Everything

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Today is a monumental day for Laser Tag Pro. It was Christmas time in 2012 when our CEO, Aaron Fischer, held the very first webinar and talked about how he would build a more versatile laser tag system for business owners. By combining laser tag with smartphone technology he would merge the gap between laser tag and modern video games to create a better player experience. In fact, some of you remember this because you attended that same webinar in search of something more capable than equipment of the past. Not only did you believe in our vision but you also put faith in us to make it happen. For this we are always grateful. Through all the challenges of a new company forging its way in the world of technology, we are excited to announce that the vision of yesterday has become today’s reality! Ok…enough of the sappy stuff let’s talk about what’s new from Laser Tag Pro!

EDGE 2.3 is Now Live!

Your Laser Tag Pro system is getting one of its biggest updates to date with the release of EDGE 2.3. We have some powerful features in store for the newest version of EDGE that are going to propel your business to the next level of tech integration. Convenient new EDGE options, the emergence of CallSign’s “HUD”, and some massive audio upgrades are here!

Audio Integration for EDGE

When you load up the new EDGE 2.3, a good place to start is the Sounds tab. You will find a list of new audio options that will enhance the experience on your battlefield. Now, not only can you queue up and sync music tracks for each of your games, you can activate voice announcements that can be pumped right into your sound system. These announcements report changes that take place on the battlefield providing your players with interesting notifications about key gameplay events. Messages such as “Red Team has taken the lead!” or “2 Minutes Remaining” heighten the experience. How about “First Blood”, an announcement triggered when the very first kill of the game is achieved. We have given you default sounds for each announcement type and you are welcome to add more under the global Sounds menu (upper row of tabs). No need for a piece of third party software or staff shouting on the field, EDGE will do the work for you!

In response to your feedback, we’ve added several convenient features to EDGE that will make your life easier! Opening EDGE 2.3, you will notice a “copy” button on the game, weapon, player type, and accessory screens. With this feature, you can quickly create variations of your favorite game modes or weapons and save them as separate records. We’ve added timing rules that let you activate/deactivate your boxes at various intervals throughout the game. To use the timing rules, add a Utility Box to a game and select a box type like respawn box, domination box, etc. Once the box is assigned, you can select the drop down arrow to configure the timing rules, just one more way EDGE gives you greater control over your battlefield. On the user side, gun names other than LTP1, LTP2, LTP3…can be added manually through the EDGE interface; this is an especially useful feature if CallSign is not an option for your event.

As you explore the new features in EDGE, be sure to do a bit of maintenance on your business profile screen. Take a moment to add “Working Hours” so players with CallSign can see your hours of operation. Under Profile, you will also notice an “Update License Key” button.  Click this button to open the license key entry screen which allows you to enter your most recent code. We are always interested in your continued thoughts on EDGE. Feel free to send us suggestions at if you have ideas or features you would like to see in future releases of EDGE! You will find EDGE 2.3 with the new firmware live in the customer portal now!

CallSign App Heads-Up Display for Laser Tag

laser tag app in stock of gunCallSign beta debuted in May 2016 and made history as the first integrated smartphone app for the commercial laser tag industry on both Android and iOS. Along with the release of EDGE 2.3, we’re excited to announce a major update to CallSign that brings a much anticipated feature, the new HUD display. For the first time ever players’ devices will be integrated directly into the battlefield during play! See your health, ammo, current streak, kill confirmation, in game notifications, and even the direction from which you are taking damage. With CallSign, you have access to real-time intel right on your phone. With this one-of-a-kind software, your business will lead the pack with the most advanced laser tag experience ever CREATED!  

Callsign App User Interface

The app interface received some new features including swipe gestures and enhancements to the business info screen. The update provides greater overall usability with a more attractive design and improvements to the reward redemption system. For business owners using EDGE’s Ranking Settings, your players can unlock weapons and redeem custom rewards. Want to offer a free soda for reaching level 5? You can do it. Your players can simply show your staff the reward which is then redeemable right on the device. A time stamp feature shows them when a reward was redeemed. This function provides a huge value-add for players and gives them more reasons to keep coming back.

Voice Profiles in Laser Tag?

CallSign does another first for the laser tag industry with this next feature which can only be found in modern video games. Gamers love to customize and “mod” their characters. CallSign now gives players the opportunity to differentiate themselves at businesses with Gen 4 equipment through the use of voice profiles. There are currently 18 voice profiles available giving your customers a variety of choices to personalize their experience. You can preview the voices now on CallSign by downloading it for iOS or Android. You’ll find them under the Store tab. For running your equipment offline, you can still take advantage of this great feature by selecting a voice profile from the Player Type menu, right on your gun!

Our Teams Vision

These updates may mark a chapter of completion for some of our original goals but you can trust that the scope of our teams vision has only gotten bigger! There are many new projects in the pipeline for both hardware and software and our passion for this game will continue driving us to create the most cutting EDGE experience in the industry. Expect more fun things from us in the coming months…..but on this day, our Heavy says it best…The Battle is Ours”.

Tips For Securing Your New Laser Tag Business

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Starting a laser tag business means getting ready to set foot into the world of this fun and popular form of entertainment, with everything this means. If you have zero experience and little to no financial resources, you can still find a way to start your one laser tag business. And, juts like any business, you will want to ensure all of your assets are well protected from the hands of thieves and unauthorized eyes and hands on a 24/7 basis.

Why A Laser Tab Business?

  • If you are personally passionate about laser tag games, you will get to do something you will enjoy, and this will help you reach success faster and easier.

  • You can open a laser tag arena business in a location where there are little to no laser tag centers, but lots of people are looking forward for the opportunity to have someplace to go and play their favorite games.

  • Laser tag has turned into a sport played globally, and those who like the game will also want to personally play instead of simply watching others do it online or in real life.

  • Such a business can prove to be extremely lucrative, and the profits will start to pop soon enough.

How To Secure A Laser Tag Arena

  • Depending on the location you will select for your laser tag arena, be it an indoors or an outdoors one, you will have to concern yourself with a different array of security matters.

  • You will need to secure a big facility that is sufficiently spacious to host a full-sized laser tag arena. This should also encompass the stand for the spectators, as well as the changing rooms and a parking space. Players will want to know their cars will be properly protected in your secured parking lot, and this means investing in good lighting, security guards, and access gates. A professional locksmith could install CCTV cameras for optimal surveillance of the vehicles, as well as advanced locks on gates and entryways.

  • Given the fact that your laser tag equipment will have to be purchased or rented as part of a franchise, the investment will be a significant one. And the same goes for the monthly rent and the rest of the expenses you will have to pay for the facility.

  • The more you will invest in the security of your laser tag arena since day one, the smaller the chances of being robbed or having someone break in and cause damage to your business.

  • You will need to hire a 247 locksmith service in your area that can answer all of your emergency calls on a nonstop basis, as well as handle all of our particular security needs of installing new locks, re-keying old ones, cutting duplicate keys, installing alarms of CCTV cameras and the list goes on.

Besides the market research and feasibility studies you will have to complete in order to start your business, you will have to pay particular attention to the security factor.

EDGE 2.0 Release Update

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EDGE 2.0 is availableedge-terminal on the Laser Tag Pro customer portal for current subscribers. This download contains Gun and Utility Box firmware in addition to the new EDGE 2.0 software. An official, general release will become available next week. If you would rather not wait, the software is now available for you to experiment with the new features! Your subscription will need to be ported to a new license database if you are going to take an early look at the software. Email to request conversion of your license key and one of our staff will help you with the process.

We will be holding a Webinar on Wednesday, April 20, at 5:30pm (Central) to showcase the new features and answer your questions. The meeting is titled, Software Essentials: EDGE 2.0 Release, CallSign, and EDGE Terminal, please make plans to attend. Click Here to join the meeting.

BRM – Metal Hybrid Laser Tag Gun

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Laser Tag Pro Creates a New Metal Laser Tag Gun

In last week’s update, we mentioned a new gun design that is in the works. Laser Tag Pro is excited to unveil what we believe to be one of the sharpest looking units in the industry and it’s called the BRM. The BRM is a metal hybrid, modeled after the M-4 rifle with a creative touch. It features a removable magazine similar to our Battle Rifle XL but also includes a charging handle for multi-stage reload simulation. The lower receiver, trigger, and charging handle are metal, while the upper is a lightweight poly-carbonate plastic used on our other gun models. This unit features additional rail mounts, a single point sling loop, gun-powered scope, quick swap battery pack, and rubber tip for safety. Also included in the design are standard fittings for different stocks and grips. This means you will be able to attach your favorite third-party stock and hand grips, similar to paintball and airsoft. This is truly one of the most diverse laser tag units we have ever created!

BRM – Metal Hybrid Laser Tag Gun Photos

Laser Tag Pro begins taking pre-orders on the BRM this week. If you are attending the Laser Tag Convention in Vegas or HAA Show in St. Louis make sure to stop by our booth to see the BRM and give us your feedback.

EDGE 2.0 and Callsign Official Release

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Laser Tag Pro customers can look forward to 2016 as the most exciting year yet for the company! Our schedule is jam packed with new projects, exciting opportunities, and of course, the next phase of our commercial software. In 2015, EDGE 1.0 gave Laser Tag Pro operators a centralized hub for controlling their equipment and configuring their game settings. The software eliminated the need for cloning individual guns or changing settings manually. The amount of control EDGE offers business owners is truly amazing and it is exciting to learn about all of the ways our customers are using it to improve their operations.

EDGE 2.0 Update

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day…the same goes for game changing software. We have worked diligently, increased the size of our team, and dedicated additional resources to ensure EDGE is the most immersive and forward thinking game engine that the laser tag industry has ever had to offer. EDGE is an essential tool for your business that improves the overall customer experience and ultimately, the profitability of your company. After heavy gameplay testing and feedback from our growing customer base we are excited to officially announce that EDGE 2.0 is ready for release! Version 2.0 makes many improvements upon the first by offering greater control, improved stability, fresh game options, integrated audio, and most importantly…communication with CallSign!

CallSign – Commercial Laser Tag’s First Mobile Application

callsign-app-accountIf you didn’t know this already CallSign is a unique mobile application that allows players to interact with your business, track stats, level up, unlock weapons, and socialize with their friends. These features will help you better engage customers, always keeping them coming back for more. There is no other app on the market that is like CallSign. In fact, we’ve done a broad search and found that Laser Tag Pro may be the first commercial laser tag manufacturer to launch an integrated cell phone app to specifically enhance the in-game experience. This means your business and players will get to be part of laser tag history! CallSign will be made available for Android phones along with the release of EDGE 2.0; the iOS version will be quick to follow!

Engaging a Larger Audience

By leveraging new technology and integrating it into the gameplay, a new genre of laser tag is emerging and we believe it will appeal to a wider audience. Laser Tag Pro has exhibited at some of the largest and most recognizable technology trade-shows in the world and we have been able to make connections with big names in gaming and media. For example, the announcement of the BRX at CES 2016 has drawn interest from mainstream tech websites and media personalities who might have never paid attention to laser tag in the past. This attention has put our message in front of hundreds-of-thousands of techies and gamers over the past several weeks with a message that our gaming concepts are unlike anything else on the market.

EDGE Admin App

EDGE is your game engine, CallSign is the player’s interface, but you might be wondering how the two are connected. Well if you are following us on Facebook, then you probably saw pictures last weekend of our all new Admin tablet app. We have been fairly quiet about its development and today, we are excited to fill you in on some details. The Admin tablet app is a powerful tool that speeds the CallSign creation process and helps you manage the crowd of players waiting to get into a game! The Admin app will maximize your throughput which is so very important for any laser tag business.  Players can quickly create a new CallSign or login to your business with their existing CallSign on tablets that you have setup at your venue. After login, your staff can use the Admin app to activate players, change teams, and control gun assignments, effectively connecting players’ CallSigns to your EDGE system. Future design additions to the Admin app include game lobby administration, mission start/stop, and in-game player management all with the touch of a finger. Your staff will be able to move freely about your battlefield having full control over the experience with a convenient Admin tablet. Oh, and for those of you who are subscribed to EDGE, expect to get the Admin app – absolutely free!

EDGE Release Date Announced

As you read this, EDGE 2.0 and the Admin app are live and functioning at our test facility in Milwaukee which means the general software release is right around the corner! EDGE 2.0 is scheduled for release on April 14, 2016! Make sure to check back often, we’ll have updates explaining new developments and features as the release date approaches.

Stock Improvements to Gen 4 and New Gun Prototype 

Beyond the excitement of EDGE and CallSign, the Battle Rifle Pro and Battle Rifle XL have also received some updates. The weapon creation and player type menus were upgraded giving you more access to powerful features and audio options available on your equipment. These new features continue to demonstrate why the Battle Rifle is the most robust piece of laser tag hardware that money can buy. If you haven’t read about the changes, take time to do so. We’ll have a new review video in the near future so you can get a closer look at all of these great upgrades! Also keep your eyes open for a brand new gun model. We will post photos on our facebook page sometime next week!

Target Profitable Demographics for Businesses

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As a company selling laser tag components and games, it is important to keep your company selling smoothly. One way to sell laser tag components regularly is to target your buyers. You can do this with software designed to improve sales for laser tag parts and more. All three parts of RFM analysis allow business owners to identify their key customer demographic. RFM analysis can allow you to determine which type of customers has either recently or frequently expended significant amounts of money at your company. This determination can allow you to cater specific marketing solicitations and advertisements to your key demographic.

Improve sales with better tools

RFM analysis is an innovative and valuable marketing tool that allows laser tag sellers to better understand your customers. Through an analysis of the recency and frequency of customer purchases, as well as a tracking of money expended you will be provided with a unique look into the purchasing habits of your key laser tag customer base. The information gained from RFM analysis can be used to determine high selling laser tag items, and whether weekly specials and advertisements for laser tag sales are reaching their desired demographics. 

Keep Your Casino Social Media Current

As a live roulette casino, the only way to draw in more roulette players in a virtual setting is to use other internet based marketing campaigns. For virtual games, drawing in customers through newspaper or magazine advertisements is not going to work. Gamblers who read about the online roulette games you offer are not going to write down your website and go to it later. They want to be able to click on something they read online instantly. That is why you need to use social media to get more people to your virtual table. To see success on social media, you’re going to need to be consistent in your efforts.

Daily Tasks

These are things you must be doing on a daily basis – no exceptions:

1. Check spam comments on all your social media profiles. Spam comments detract from your site and discourage others from commenting.

2. Write and share informative and engaging content.

3. Briefly check your analytics. You can easily do this by checking your Google Analytics report. Many of the various social sites, like Facebook, have analytics built right in. Just look at the top of your Facebook page to see how well each individual post is doing, and how well each type of post has done. Look at how many views, likes, and comments each of your posts received. This helps you assess how you are doing on a day-to-day basis.

4. Reach out to at least three of your followers. Maybe comment on something they have posted or respond to a comment they have left on something of yours. If you’re on Twitter, like and/or retweet some of their posts.

5. Connect with at least three competitors or professionals in your field. If you’re on Twitter, again, retweet and/or like some of their posts.

6. Like all comments left on your Facebook page.

Actually look hard at what your audience has said. If something is said more than once, take it seriously. This is your best research tool when moving forward.