Laser Tag Pro manufactures professional grade commercial quality laser tag equipment at affordable prices. Our units are built from the ground up utilizing the latest technologies to enhance play. Check out our available laser tag units below and see what makes our equipment stand apart from the competition.

Battle Rifle Pro

Battle Rifle Pro Laser Tag Gun

Laser Tag Guns Over the Years

The game of laser tag has really changed over the years. The military originally creates the concept with M.I.L.E.S tag, a training tool for soldiers. The very first home laser tag gun was developed by World of Wonders which simply called it Lazer Tag. Actually, the real spelling is L A S E R tag with an “s” which is kind of funny when you realize it was a toy brand that caused people to spell it wrong. There have been many types of laser tag guns that would come and go. The two most significant variations in my life were Laser Challenge and Electronic Survivor Shot. Both were awesome units for home use. Both were eventually discontinued but provided a pretty fun laser tag experience for a kid.

Commercial Laser Tag Guns

Then, the commercial grade laser tag guns came onto the market. People invested in expensive, space age looking systems that would birth the commercial laser tag gun manufacturing industry. These original laser tag centers have been around for over 25 years and paved the way for outdoor tactical laser tag guns like the Battle Rifle Pro. These types of indoor systems were very expensive and were sold only to business owners. Traditional style laser tag guns are about double the cost of tactical laser tag guns.

Tactical Laser Tag Guns

Tactical laser tag guns came onto the scene close to the turn of the millennium and are here to stay. These new laser tag guns provide a more realistic military feel with the ability to run around in the wide outdoors and as well as an indoor arena. This gives them a distinct advantage for business owners. Tactical laser tag guns are very popular for people looking to start a mobile business or an indoor or outdoor field.

The Battle Rifle Pro is a new innovation for the laser tag gun industry and is looking to push the game in ways it has never been played before by using the latest technologies.