The BRX – The First Live Action Gaming Console

The BRX is the most advanced home laser tag system ever built that will bring your favorite FPS games to life. It is a full-sized, bolt-action rifle with rumble feedback that boasts a shot range of over 600 feet in full sunlight. The BRX has unmatched sound quality, is updatable over USB, and comes equipped with preset game modes and weapons types. When paired to your smartphone it offers an unparalleled level of customization.

“The BRX will redefine our understanding of laser tag”

Aaron Fischer – CEO and Founder of Laser Tag Pro

Wireless Head Sensors

Our wireless head sensors are the first of their kind. They come equipped with highly visible, ultrabright LEDs and have the ability to not only receive damage but to deliver damage in any direction. This innovative accessory unlocks exciting game mechanics like splash damage from explosives, powerful melee attacks, pass through effects, healing abilities, directional hit detection and more!

Explosive Damage

Pass Through Damage

“This is the first platform where guns, grenades, and melee weapons all interact together in a very intuitive way. It’s really exciting, and we believe people will love it!”

– Aaron Fischer – CEO and Founder of Laser Tag Pro




CallSign is a unique mobile application that merges laser tag technology with video games. Imagine raining down terror on your opponent with an airstrike or selecting perks that allow you to replenishing your ammo from a fallen enemy. CallSign will track your scores, give kill confirmations, unlock weapons and gear, and even hosts games for you and your friends. On the CallSign Store you will be able to download new game modes and fresh content.

Laser Tag Grenades

See a group of enemies between you and your objective? Clear the way with everyone’s favorite tactical accessory… grenades!

Melee Weapons? Oh Yeah!

No FPS experience is ever complete without melee weapons to unleash havoc on your opponents! The BRX will have the ability to work with future melee weapons and accessories.

Interact with QR Codes

Pick up new weapons, capture flags, plant explosives, respawn, and secure checkpoints all with your phone’s camera!

“For the first time guns, grenades, and melee weapons will all interact on one battlefield!”
“The BRX will revolutionize live action gaming!”

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BRX Rifle

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