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We are an ambitious laser tag manufacturing company with a passion for changing the way people experience live combat gaming. Our reputation of fresh innovation and determination has helped us to grow rapidly and gain traction around the world.

“Our equipment brings the modern video game to life through an exciting tactical laser tag experience suitable for players of all ages!”

Got our Taggers in and are loving them already. AMAZING equipment. AMAZING company!!!

– Justin

Our Team


Our newly developed game engine called EDGE will empower your business to create an experience based on your vision. We are offering a new level of control for laser tag operators and we believe you are going to love it!


Some of our customers…

Here are just a few customers using our laser tag equipment

Powerful Equipment Needs Powerful Audio

No movie or video game would be quite the same without an amazing audio experience. That is why Laser Tag Pro equipment has the most powerful audio solution available for your business. Voice cues, kill confirmations, explosions, weapons, our equipment is packed with hundreds of amazing sound effects that will enhance any battlefield!

I looked at all the options available and I chose Laser Tag Pro for both my battlefields. Every time a customer picks a Battle Rifle Pro off the rack they say “Wow!” and I know I made the right choice. Tactical laser tag is all about immersive game play and the Battle Rifle delivers!

Tactical Adventure Games

I purchased a large volume of the Battle Rifle Pro taggers for an interactive zombie attraction at a theme park. My entire experience from start to finish was great. I had about 4 days to program and dial in all the equipment to my exact specifications and the laser tag pro guys made themselves available around the clock to make sure the equipment performed exactly how i needed it to. I did thousands of guests during select nights in October and the equipment stood up to the wear and tear of both our customers and actors. Very pleased with my investment and proud to have the LTP equipment as solid foundation of my event.

Jon - Knott's Berry Farm

Got our Taggers in and are loving them already. AMAZING equipment. AMAZING company!!!


Laser Tag Pro stands behind their product and they are very quick to answer the phone or send a quote. I like that so much is included, not a lot of "add ons". They are always looking to evolve and think outside of the box. The team at Laser Tag Pro is passionate about what they do. They are excited to share their product and love telling you about LTP's latest features.

Dana Gainer

Been using their equipment for a year now. The guns work great and our customers love them! It really provides a unique laser tag experience! Parents are often amazed how light they are, especially when their 5-year-old children are able to use them. The amount of customizability in the gun types and game types is remarkable

Roland N


Call Sign will revolutionize the players experience by utilizing the power of mobile technology. Our goal is to take the game farther then it has ever been before.


Laser Tag Pro offers great customer service through phone support and access to our exclusive customer portal. Here you will find user guides, software updates, Q&A, videos, training, and more!

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Reach out to us and one of our sales representatives can answer questions about the industry and our equipment.

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