Utility Box – A Powerful Laser Tag Accessory

The Utility box is powerful and versatile accessory for your laser tag business. This box get its name from having multiple box types available for you to use. It is made of a nylon fiberglass reinforced polymer which is very strong. On it you will find a LCD, speaker, infrared emitter and receiver, directional buttons, a mode button, and a red activation button that is easy for customers to find. On the bottom side there is an on and off switch, a charging port, and place to plug in a firmware cable to update your box to the latest software. WiFi and Bluetooth technology adds the ability to communicate with our software called EDGE for even greater game play possibilities and control. It has RGB LEDS which means you can set it to work for specific team color. It also has a Team All setting allowing the box to be used by any team.

Utility Box Features

Respawn Station
The most common use of the Utility Box is as a respawn station. This is where players return to after losing a life to get back into the game. This is important in mission based games as it takes the players off the battlefield for a short period of time giving the other team time to complete their objective. It can also become a medic or ammo box where players get health or ammunition.
Respawn with Weapon
Not only can you allow players to respawn or get unique weapons but you can combine the two together. The Respawn with Weapon feature allows a player to respawn and get a specific weapon at the same time. This way you can have multiple gun choices for players when they respawn. Throw 2 or 3 boxes into each base and let your customers decide which gun they want to use for their next life. This innovation creates a more memorable experience and is very easy for player to understand.
Ammunition Box
The Utility Box can be set as an ammunition box where players can additional ammo for their equipment. This adds a simple but fresh dynamic to the game.
Medic Box
The Utility Box can be set as an medic box where players can go to get their health restored. Different then the respawn box the medic box only works on players who still have health.
The Utility Box can be updated via our firmware cable with the latest and greatest settings just like our laser tag guns.
Weapons Box
One of our favorite modes is the weapons box. This box type will allow you to create special weapons that players can equip on the battlefield. Adding powerful weapons like the Sniper or Heavy Machine Gun onto the battlefield are an awesome way to enhance the play. Players simply run to the box and press the button and instantly equipped a weapon of your making. This is all made possible because of the primary and secondary weapon settings and the weapon drop feature found in our guns. When a player is killed with the new weapon they return to their base and respawn with the games default weapon just like a video game.
WiFi Connectivity
The final feature we would like to cover is WiFi. By using this technology this box can communicate with our software application called EDGE. Now we can create game types like Domination, King of the Hill, and and other exciting missions.This means you will have total control over your boxes on the battlefield. For example, one mission the box can be a Weapon station and the next …a Domination box.
Sensor Box – Great for special character types
Another notable feature is its ability to become a sensor box. This is especially useful if you are playing games where a special character or player role doesn’t use a gun. You can connect a wireless head sensor to the Utility Box via Bluetooth and strap it onto the player which will still allow them to receive damage. You can also place the box somewhere on the battlefield and make it a captureable objective with this mode. It can even be tracked on our EDGE software.
Multiple Team Colors
The Utility Box can be set to any of our team colors for their use only. Of course it includes a Team All feature as well.

We are currently developing some exciting game modes that are all possible with the Utility Box.

Players attack and hold the box to score points for their team
King of the Hill
Players defend a specific area or areas to score points for their team.
Capture the Flag
Retrieve flags from the enemies box and return back to your box to score points.