Battle Rifle Pro – Indoor / Outdoor Laser Tag Gun

The Battle Rifle Pro is the latest innovation in tactical laser tag equipment and is setting a new standard in the laser tag industry. Its sleek futuristic military inspired design makes it one of the best looking units available. It size and weight appeals to every age group making it an excellent all-in-one solution for your laser tag business. The Battle Rifle has a robust set of features like built in vibration feedback, Bluetooth & WiFi connectivity, adjustable beam spread, SD card, and can be easily updated with micro USB. This unit continues to raise the bar in the tactical laser tag industry. Used for indoor and outdoor play the Battle Rifle Pro is quickly becoming the premier choice for players of all ages.

Our Equipment is Revolutionizing the Laser Tag Industry!

Battle Rifle Pro Design

The Battle Rifle Pro 22.5 inches long and made of a nylon reinforced fiberglass polymer that is extremely durable yet light weight(2.4 lbs), making it easily handled by all player.  It comes fitted with a rubber hand grip for maximized comfort and a rubber tip for safety. A rail along the top allows you to attach and power your favorite red dot scope or add a tactical light. A built-in gun sensor allows for quick turn over games. The Battle Rifle comes with our all new wireless head sensors for more serious play. Our visual health indicator allows players to quickly see the status of their life. The new swap-able battery pack makes sure your equipment never runs out of juice. The included gun sling helps keep your units from hitting the ground, protecting your investment.A responsive trigger, reload button, and  directional buttons make navigating menus and changing setting a breeze. The larger LCD display allows you to see all the necessary information on your unit and show players their scores. The Battle Rifle Pro is loved by players young and old.

Battle Rifle Feature Set
Bluetooth x2
Bluetooth means no more using those stinking cables to connect to your head sensors. Your gun will communicate wirelessly to the included head set. A second bluetooth module allows even greater connectivity to other devices like a smart phone!
The Battle Rifle Pro allows you to install our firmware updates right from your computer as we roll out changes. Say good bye to outdated firmware and say hello to fresh innovation.
SD Card
The Battle Rifle Pro now features an SD card which will allow you to update your equipment with brand new sound files!
Easy to Swap Battery Pack
The Battle Rifle Pro has a new battery pack that can be quickly swapped that charges in and outside the gun.
Class 1 Eye Safe Laser
Each unit includes a FDA certified Class 1 laser that provides maximum range with a longer life span than traditional LEDs used in systems of the past.
laser-tag-wifiWiFi Technology
With built-in WiFi the Battle Rifle Pro can connect our newly created game engine called EDGE. This unlocks the battlefield in whole new ways. For more information about EDGE click here!
Vibration Feed Back
When you shoot or get shot by the Battle Rifle Pro… you feel it! The built in vibration mechanism makes the game come alive and is not found in any other unit in the industry.
Visual Health Indicator
The LEDs found on the front of our unit act as a visual health indicator to players. This makes it easier for players to know where their health is at.
Powered Scope Port
Sick of changing out the batteries on your red dot scopes? The Battle Rifle Pro can power our specially modified scopes to make sure no player is without power.
Adjustable Click Tube
A new adjustable click tube is seated in the barrel of every Battler Rifle that will allow you to change the spread of the beam emission from the unit.
We Love To Show People Our True Colors

Laser Tag Pro equipment is one of the only equipment manufacturers that uses multi-color LEDs for our equipment. This means your gun or headsets can glow more then just red!

Gun Type Settings
Weapon Types
The Battle Rifle Pro comes with 8 default weapon types. The Battle Rifle, Burst Rifle, SMG, Heavy Machine Gun, Shot Gun, Sniper, Battle Cannon, and Assault Laser are ready to use out of the box. Each weapon preset includes unique characteristics that you can edit like range, damage, clip size, reload speed, and rate of fire. You can also select any one of our 14 different sound effects to make the gun best fit your business.
Special Weapon Types
Special weapon types like our charge rifle and laser rifle and our new infected gun type are unique and allow more fresh game play opportunities
Custom Weapon Slots
3 customs weapon slots gives you even more freedom to create weapon types of your choosing for quick selection.
Primary and Secondary Weapon Slots
A first of it’s kind feature that lets players equip 2 different weapon types. Players can switch weapons on the fly on the battlefield. When used with our Utility Box you can create power weapons that players can pick up in the heat of battle to get an edge over their enemy.
Shooting Range
The range of the Battle Rifle Pro in broad daylight is 600+ ft! This gives you plenty of range, especially for outdoor settings. Range values can also be scaled up and down to perfectly fit your type of battlefield.
Melee Attacks
That’s right! You read it…..melee attacks! The first time ever players will have a new way to attack their opponents. Stop the laser tag dance with our all new melee attack ability!
Style and Color

Laser Tag Pro equipment can come in different colors variations. How about changing it up with gray equipment with colored grips?

Game Type Settings
Game Presets
Game presets meaning changing game types has never been easier. Games like Free for All, Team Battle, VIP, and our widely popular INFECTION game mode will mean your customers get a fresh experience each and every time they play. Just like our gun types, the each setting can be modified for each individual game type to match your taste.
Night Mode
Our night mode makes playing at night or in dark locations a blast. Your gun and headset have the ability to glow your team color. This works the opposite of standard guns that light up when you are hit. Night mode allows you to glow and shuts off when you are hit or eliminated from the game.
Kids Mode
Kids mode allows you to bring family friendly shooting and death sounds when needed on the fly. This works great in situations with parents or teachers who don’t want the realistic sound effects.
Infection Mode
Infection game mode is fan favorite and unique to the Battle Rifle Pro. Red players must survive the infection(green player). When a red player is dies he joins the infected team and must try and eliminate the rest of his old team mates. Do you think you can survive?
Admin Mode
The admin mode of the Battle Rifle Pro allows you to quickly control the game play on your battlefield. This means changing gun types, player types, game modes, and moderting your battlefield is easier then ever before. Have a player breaking your rules?…end their game. Want to give the birthday boy a special weapon upgrade?…shoot him with the sniper gun type.
Regenerating Health
This feature allows you to mimic the ever popular health structures found in modern video games. When a player is shot and hides for a set amount of time without being shot again their health regenerates based on the set amount of time.
Medic and Ammo Modes
Have you ever wanted to give a player the ability to heal another player or give that player more ammo. By using these settings you can promote team work and create some fun game scenarios.
Auto Respawn
This allows you to set an automatic time to respawn back into the game. When a player is eliminated a timer ticks down on the LCD that will tell the player when they can join back into the fun.
Can I update my guns?  You Better Believe It!

Laser Tag Pro equipment can be updated right from your computer that means no sending in your gun an purchasing “UPDATED” electronics. Simply download our software and latest firmware updates and booom! You get the latest and greatest features for your equipment for free!