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Sophisticated laser tag technology and equipment for businesses and consumers alike!


At LaserTagPro, we pride ourselves in providing sophisticated laser tag guns and equipment. We are committed to each and every customer by providing excellent customer service and support. Founded by a long time laser tag enthusiast and avid gamer, Laser Tag Pro strives to create a fresh experience for the tactical laser tag community. Our goal is to be the laser tag manufacturer of choice for new businesses, existing businesses, and consumers alike.

aaron-fischer-familyAaron Fischer – CEO

Founder and Developer of LaserTagPro

Aaron has been playing the game of laser tag for over 20 years. Whether it was using the first home laser tag guns from World of Wonders, gunning down his friends with Electronic Survivor Shot, or climbing on the neighbor’s roof with the Laser Challenge Team Force set,  from a young age Aaron has been enjoying laser tag! He is also an avid gamer who operated an internet cafe and gaming center. This helped him gain an excellent understanding of the desires of today’s gaming market. After selling his internet cafe in 2009, he opened a successful online marketing business called Oxpose, LLC, which helped small to medium size businesses create a complete online campaign.  In 2011, he started his first mobile laser tag business and quickly expanded into gun sales.  From there, he began the process of creating his first unit called the Clutch, which featured another manufacturer’s electronics and the first ever ‘bump clip’ reloading system.  Feeling restrained by current technologies, he branched off to create his very own brand of laser tag equipment from the ground up.  He formed a team of people from all over the world, and with tremendous success, he launched his very first unit in 2013.  Aaron continues to help advance the world of laser tag through innovation and the integration of new technologies.  He is married and with two  children and believes his main calling in life is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

About Us - McGeorge Family PhotoJoe McGeorge – COO

Systems and Operational Management

As LaserTagPro’s Chief Operating Officer, Joe leads the development and implementation of the company’s strategic initiatives. He is responsible for strategic planning, systems management, training execution, and company finance. Joe holds a master’s degree in education with an emphasis in human resource and organizational development from the University of Illinois. While pursuing his graduate studies he worked as a senior instructor for the university’s aviation program which included roles as pilot examiner and operations supervisor. Most recently, Joe was the project manager and lead instructor for the development of a new aviation program at Lakeland College. His experience in operational management and strategic development of new ventures provide LaserTagPro with valuable leadership in a time of company growth. Through data-driven decision making, Joe leads the company in process development and continuous improvement of LaserTagPro systems, equipment, and support. As an experienced aircraft pilot Joe will enable the company to reach new heights, literally!


Jeremy Brown

Sales and Customer Relations Management 

People, that is what it is all about for Jeremy. Excited to join the LaserTag Pro team, he realizes that in any industry, a partnership with the consumer to create innovative products and solutions is paramount. Utilizing a creative vision for all things epic with the skill of connecting with customers on an individual basis, it is his desire to discover what you need to be successful and make that a reality. A husband and a father, love for God and others is what makes him tick.

zach-ir-combatZachary Dickerson

Product Development Engineer  

Zach will be responsible for new product development projects. His duties will include assessing new products for viability considering design limitations, functionality, and feasibility. He will also be responsible for testing prototype equipment to evaluate performance, safety, and reliability of design. Zach is a professional electronics engineer with 10 years of experience and has spent the last 5 years engineering laser tag equipment and accessories as a hobby. He was recently recruited by LaserTagPro to bring his love, passion, and engineering knowledge to our team. We affectionately refer to him as the “mad scientist” of laser tag.

Eric Goodman Laser TagEric Goodman

Sales and Support

Eric leads our direct sales initiative with over 19 years of telemarketing experience. His drive and ability to connect with business owners from all over the United States has helped LaserTagPro push sales to another level. He loves to talk with potential and existing clients about our products and services which has made him a valuable member of our growing team.

Cesar Hernadaz


Graphic Design and Visual Presentation

Cesar is a professional Graphic Design Artist who brings 17 years of design experience to the LaserTagPro team.  He is passionate about helping you creatively engage and compel your target market by transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.  His past experience consists of working for design firms (10 years), in-house art departments (5 years) and independent designers.  Cesar has collaborated and worked with highly visible clients such as Target, Walmart, Sam’s Club and Menards, just to name a few.  He desires to apply this same level of excellent service to your design needs.


Laura Zamora

Web Content & Communications Coordinator 

Laura joined the LaserTagPro team in May of 2013 to provide customers with a smooth and enjoyable transition into their laser tag business.  In 2008, Laura graduated from the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Minnesota with a degree in Advertising.  Her previous experience includes Retail Merchandising and Web Merchandise Presentation for a large retailer.  As a busy mom of two small children, Laura enjoys spending as much time as possible with her family and friends.  She is a Twin Cities native and loves to ski during the winters and spend her summers up north on the lakes.

About Us



LaserTagPro manufactures commercial quality laser tag equipment for outdoor and indoor play. We are gamers at heart,  striving to bring the best laser combat experience to the market. Laser Tag Pro is enabling the masses to experience Laser Tag in a whole new way.

By utilizing the latest technologies LaserTagPro strives to help business with more then just equipment. We provide business owners with essential tools and services to help the manage and grow their business.

Development Snap Shot

March – 2014

Construction of our new arena in Milwaukee has us burning both ends of the candle. Wireless Head sensor designs have been completed as well as our latest addition of the Battle Rifle Pro. 1 new design for a larger gun has began to expand our armory.

February – 2014

Things have been crazy here. We began the process of restructuring our current firmware as well as working daily on the construction of our new arena and sales office in the Milwaukee area. Our CallSign app has made progress but more work is needed before any beta can be released.

January – 2014

We have moved into our new space and the build out for our new state of the art arena and testing facility has begun. Y Sensor cables which can be used for vest sensors are in and our utility boxes are available for shipping.

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