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Wireless Laser Tag Head Sensors New Design

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We are excited to unveil a small project we have been working on over the last few months….all new wireless head sensors! We have redesigned these head sensors from the ground up! They have some really cool features that will open up all kinds of new game play possibilities. Let’s take a look at what makes them so special!

New Wireless Head Sensor Design

Like before our head sensors use a special soft plastic which is comfortable to wear.  The material is easy to disinfect, just take a wipe and swipe it clean. There is no Velcro where domes can pop off nor gear that needs to be put through a washing machine. Just squeaky clean for your customers. One of the first things you may have notice is the flattened out sensor domes. This gives them a sleeker look. Then, we increased the number of sensors from 3 to 4 which helps to ensure 360 degrees of coverage. When it comes to putting the head sensors on… things just got easier. We swapped out the hard plastic cord with a softer, stretchier material that makes finding the perfect fit a breeze.  Changing out players is now quicker than ever before.


LED’s and Visibility

color-led-head-sensorsThose using our existing head sensors have already experienced the benefit of multiple team colors compared to head sensors that flash only red, commonly found in the industry. While this has been a great feature for better team recognition we wanted to take things further. The new color LEDs can be programmed individually allowing us to create more exciting lighting effects. To make things even better, we added a second LED to every sensor that is ULTRA bright! This makes our head sensors more visible outdoors in full sunlight than any other one on the market. Our engineers tested ranges from 100 to up to 1000 ft and the flash was still visible! This is a huge improvement for customers who use our gears outdoors. You might think that these improvements were enough, but were not finished yet!

New Game Play Features

The main reason for the change in design was to open up brand new game-play possibilities. Unlike our old head sensors, the new head sensors come equipped with IR emitters! With this new hardware improvement, not only will players be able to receive damage but they can give damage in every direction. Players will have all new ways to interact on the battlefield. Abilities like melee attacks, explosive damage, healing abilities, and more are possible with the new headset! Imagine sneaking up behind a player and performing a stealth kill, receiving a health boost by staying near a squad leader, or how ’bout delivering splash damage to a group of enemies with a grenade launcher…Kaboom!

Our ability to innovate has once again unlocked new ways to experience laser tag and our commitment to drive technology forward in the industry is strong. Oh, if you’re wondering when the newly designed headsets will be available there is good news, they are already in production! If you are interested in placing a pre-order please reach out to our sales staff or fill out the contact form to get a quote. Expect more exciting news on the way!

EDGE Gaming Software Beta Annoucement

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We are excited to announce an official release date for the beta version of our brand new game engine, EDGE. This is an exciting milestone for us as a team, but more importantly it is an opportunity for our customers to unlock the full power of their Laser Tag Pro equipment. We have been working tirelessly to get this software to you and are happy to announce that on May 18th, 2015 the beta version of EDGE will be available for customers to download and use with their Laser Tag Pro systems.

Video Game Type Game Control For Laser Tag

The EDGE 1.0 game engine will focus first on game control.  EDGE allows you to create an endless number of weapon and player types, all with various options that can be saved as presets expediting game creation and execution. To create streamlined battlefield-experiences, business owners must have the ability to speedily administer settings on every one of their laser tag devices. EDGE empowers your laptop with the ability to configure each Battle Rifle Pro and Utility Box through the integrated WiFi modules already installed in your units.

Selecting a Game Mode

When you are ready to play, your saved games are readily available with weapon and player presets already applied. Simply select a game from your customized library, move to the lobby where you can add the desired number of players, and assign your guns. From the game lobby you will move to the versus screen that shows the teams, game time, and other critical pre-game information. Press the start button and the battle begins!

Laser Tag with Scoring and Kill Confirmation

By using EDGE you will have the ability to edit (referee) each individual player in game. You can change the number of lives or ammunition, equip players with different weapons, change their team, respawn on-the-fly, and even penalize players for breaking your rules.

Not only can you quickly control the game parameters, you have direct scoring information for every player. Scoring data can be displayed on a TV as well as the gun LCDs. At the end of the game each player’s kills, deaths, accuracy, and longest streak will show up directly on their taggers. EDGE also enables Kill Confirmation through WiFi communication. When a player eliminates an opponent, his tagger will make a sound so there is no question who got the kill.

If you would like a closer look at the EDGE game engine, we will have an intro video on the Laser Tag Pro customer portal very soon.

A Very Merry Laser Tag Christmas and Happy New Year!

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First off, on behalf of all the staff here at Laser Tag Pro we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We are truly appreciative that you have chosen us to be your laser tag equipment provider. You have been very supportive and have provided us with great feedback. Thank you!

Laser Tag Pro Recap 2014

2014 was exciting year and brought about many positive changes for our organization. It started with moving our operations from a 1,600 sq.ft. office-space to a larger 13,000 sq.ft. building where we constructed a Laser Tag Pro powered arena and testing facility. From there we brought on key personnel, adding Joe McGeorge (Chief of Operations) and laser tag extraordinaire Zach Dickerson (Chief Engineer). For those of you who worked with Jeremy Brown, he has moved on to a new position or as I prefer to say… the Colonel is M.I.A. (Missing in Action). His services were appreciated and we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

Laser Tag Pro continues to progress, sales are growing along with our popularity as we penetrate new and existing markets. This growth has helped us to constantly expand and improve our products. The Battle Rifle Pro received an infusion of code to support stability and add functionality. Abilities such as primary and secondary weapons, special weapon types, and better admin controls have helped to make our equipment the most feature rich units you can buy. We also introduced a new tagger to the family called the Battle Rifle XL that has a larger body, adjustable stock, and unique reloading system. The Utility Box saw improvements too, becoming one of the most useful accessories for your laser tag business. Our crowning jewel, EDGE, received a great deal of attention and development as it stands to become an extremely robust game-engine and software-application for the purposes of laser tag! Last year’s success provided us the momentum we needed to expand our product line. We overcame challenges, improved our equipment, extended our reach, and helped to push the industry forward.

Shaking Up the Laser Tag Industry in 2015

edge-game-engine-softwareWe at Laser Tag Pro believe that 2015 will be the most exciting year yet. Our WiFi software, EDGE, is on track to release during the first quarter. EDGE will truly empower your business to create the most exciting laser tag game imaginable. You will also see the release of our unique mobile application called CallSign which will add social and player interfacing elements to the game. On the hardware side, we have 2 new units for your armories that are in different phases of production. One being a metal/plastic hybrid and the other is a SECRET! If I told you I would have to…..! I won’t share those details yet but we will prove again why Laser Tag Pro is one of the most exciting manufacturers in the industry.

Each individual at Laser Tag Pro is hard at work everyday. We have become the fastest growing company in our space. You have made it possible by your support for us and the success you have made with your own business. I feel blessed to work with each and everyone of our business owners and look forward strengthening our bond as partners moving forward. Make 2015 your best year yet!

Moving Forward,

Aaron Fischer
CEO of Laser Tag Pro